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Case Studies in 'Grants and Funding'

IMAGE from UnSplash. The Dasht-e Kevir, or Great Salt Desert, is the largest desert in Iran. It is a primarily uninhabited wasteland, composed of mud and salt marshes covered with crusts of salt that protect the meagre moisture from completely evaporating.

Grants & Funding: SatSchool

22 March 2024

Connecting STEM subjects and the real-world applications of Earth Observation and environmental science

Grants & Funding: The Blackett Lab

22 March 2024

“My child is now absolutely buzzing about physics, I hope the scheme inspires more organisations to continue working on representation and to appreciate the benefits of broader diversity.”

student in school uniform with her board game

Grants & Funding: Avanti Fields

22 March 2024

An Ogden physics education grant has helped physics to flourish at a new school.