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Case Studies in 'Grants and Funding'

Teacher Network – Research Scholarship: Jess Hunt

4 May 2020

Jess Hunt received an Ogden research scholarship and completed the PGCE progression to MEd course at Cambridge University.

Teacher Network – Senior Teacher Fellowship: Tom Norman

14 August 2020

Tom Norman used his senior teacher fellowship to develop and deliver a physics safe cracking challenge for local schools.

Grants & Funding: Lightyear Foundation

14 August 2020

The Lightyear Foundation received a grant to work with dance organisation Flamingo Chicks to up-skill dance teachers on physics and STEMM.

School partnership: James Rickett (Science Technician)

14 August 2020

James wants to help re-energise the excitement for physics by supporting technicians at partnership schools.

Teacher Network – education scholarship: Jackie Flaherty

7 May 2020

Jackie's MSc focuses on developing teacher educators’ day-to-day practice as well as developing the design of teacher education programmes.

Grants & Funding: discovering light

24 September 2019

Primary school students in the St Pauls area of Bristol have been discovering light with The Real Photography Company and a grant from The Ogden Trust.

Ogden alumnus: Safe Khan

24 September 2019

Ogden alumnus Safe Khan has helped create a summer school for refugees and unaccompanied migrant students - an Ogden grant has helped.

Ogden alumna: Georgina Huntridge

24 September 2019

Ogden alumna Georgina used an Ogden grant to help fund the first Widening Access to Physics strand of the School Days programme at the Edinburgh Science Festival.

Teacher Network – education research scholarship: Doug Ashton

6 May 2020

Doug Ashton is researching the transition from primary school (KS2) to secondary school (KS3) with a scholarship from the Trust.

Grants & Funding: CoachBright – Girls in STEM

9 March 2018

CoachBright was awarded a grant from The Ogden Trust to support two Girls in STEM initiatives in 2017.