Bidford Primary Partnership

9 January 2018

The Bidford Primary Partnership was the first primary partnership for The Ogden Trust, led by hub school Bidford-upon-Avon Primary, the partnership initially comprised a prep school, two middle schools and a mix of first and primary schools.

At the heart of the partnership was a Phiz Lab. This was located at Ridgeway Academy due to the lack of suitable space at Bidford, however, this actually made it easier for the other partnership schools to access the Lab. The partnership has held several successful CPD and student events at the Lab; we have benefited from access to the middle school mini buses which meant cheaper transportation and an increase in the number and variety of events.

There were several key aspects which were successful from the very start of the Partnership. We launched the first family learning night; the model was written up for the ASE Education in Science journal, prompting the format to be used in other partnerships up and down the country. Our carousel days for Year 1 and Year 5 have also been successful and were repeated every year: we invited a workshop to a host school – on rotation – with a third class made up from the other partnership schools.

Throughout the partnership, communication was the key to our success. Each member has been enthusiastic and willing to have-a-go when seemingly crazy ideas were discussed at the regular meetings. Following the final year of funding, the Partnership has transitioned into an independent partnership, with a new co-ordinator. They have already successfully applied for funding from The Worshipful Glass Sellers of London, and have received £1,000 to purchase a case of microscopes, which will be shared on a rotation system between all active schools. In addition to this, the new co-ordinator led a demonstration session with the Year 6 science ambassadors at a local Fun Palace (annual community science event), with many more shared activities in the pipeline.

October 2017

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