About Us

Established by Sir Peter Ogden in 1999, we are a charitable trust that exists to promote the teaching and learning of physics. We do this by enabling innovative physics teaching to take place in, and collaboratively between, schools, often forging links to universities. We support teacher CPD and address the shortage of physics teachers in the UK by funding programmes that encourage young graduates to go into teaching.

Physics as a subject has a huge importance in the world today and we must ensure that access to good quality physics education is about the ability to learn and not the ability to pay. Cameron Ogden, Chair of The Ogden Trust
The Ogden Trust mission: The Ogden Trust aims to increase the uptake of physics for all at post-16, particularly for those from under-represented groups, through supporting physics teaching; and supporting students to develop physics identity. The priority audiences for the Trust include teachers without a physics background, teachers and students in remote rural areas or in areas of social deprivation and students on free school meals.
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