Dr Martin Archer

Queen Mary University of London

Outreach Officer, School of Physics and Astronomy

Dr Martin Archer is an award-winning physicist, science writer and one of the UK’s leading science presenters. Martin is well-known both nationally and internationally, having presented national radio shows on Kiss FM for six years and regularly appearing on television (BBC, ITV, Sky) to discuss the latest science stories. He also writes and consults for the vSauce YouTube channels and has regularly written and presented for various BBC online videos including James May’s HeadSqueeze and The Story of Now.

Martin gained his PhD in Space Plasma Physics at Imperial College London studying the dynamic interaction of the solar wind with Earth’s magnetic field and, following postdoctoral research, joined Queen Mary University of London. Passionate about physics and engaging audiences with the subject, Martin’s unique approach to outreach has included inventing the gestural DJ performance dubbed “WiiJing”, the “DJ Physics” stage show and a citizen science project on listening to waves in spaces.