SPotY Administrative Process

If you are a Science Officer organising a Schools Physicist of the Year Awards event, here is an outline of what we need you to do so that we can administer the awards properly:

  • Let Veronica know the date of the awards ceremony as soon as you can and she will email you a certificate template for you to edit and print as required.
  • Once you know the numbers of prize-winners, please let Veronica know.

  • After the event, please send Veronica the required student information which will be used for: verifying identity when students contact us about applying for events and other programmes offered by the Alumni Association. The Trust will not use it for any other purpose, other than to track future university and course. NB the email address needs to be one that will be current in two years time.

  • One invoice (payable to the university) for prizes and other expenses should be sent to Veronica.