Physics Careers

Despite physicists being some of the most sought after, and well-paid graduates across the UK, many students, and teachers still struggle to answer the question: what can I do with a physics degree? The answers are numerous, and cover careers in science, finance, education and many more.

In order to give students some ideas of potential careers using a physics degree and how they might get there, Ogden Science Officers Dr Stacey Habergham (Liverpool John Moores University) and Dr Paul Sapple (University of Liverpool)  have undertaken a small project, interviewing physics graduates from around the UK to see how they have used their degrees.

Physics has taken our film stars in many different directions, including PhDs, research science, engineering and a graduate trainee position at AMEC; with travels across the UK and even across the world, the careers of our featured physicists include presenting at NASA and watching the launch of a space rocket. 

To find out just some of the diverse careers open to physics graduates why not explore the videos on this page.