Planning a trip to CERN

If you are planning a school trip to CERN, these handy hints and tips may be useful.

One word of caution: Geneva hosts an annual international car show during the first two weeks of March - this may make accommodation more expesnive or harder to find.

Ogden funding for partnership school trips to CERN is currently under review and applications are no longer being accepted.


  Sample staff and student itineraries from a 2015 4-school trip organised by Abby Bell of the Wellingborough partnership. Includes ice-breakers, a fondue and a lake cruise.
In 2012, Ogden Science Officer Ally Caldecote led a Year 9 visit to CERN. The trip was filmed by Talent 2030 as part of their efforts to encourage more young people to pursue careers in manufacturing, engineering and technology. The resulting films give a fascinating insight into what can be achieved by a visit to CERN. 
Pete Dowset, Head of Physics at Trinity School, Nottingham, has provided some guidance notes on planning and undertaking a trip to CERN. With details on travel, transport, accommodation and itineraries these notes provide a useful guide.
Words from the wise: Mr Stephen Essex, King Edward VI Sheldon Heath School, Birmingham, provides some invaluable advice for a school trip to CERN.

Dan Cottle has organised two trips to CERN with his school, King Edward VI Five Ways, in Birmingham, the second with Edgbaston High School for Girls. Dan shares some notes about the logistics of organising a joint trip here.

Following her trips to CERN with alumni, Isla has provided some informal guidelines to organising a CERN Trip, and a sample trip brochure and itinerary.