Leicestershire Partnership

Year of Formation:2016
Hub:The Roundhill Academy
Co-ordinator:John Lindley

Partnership schools:Birmingham East Primary School; Brockington College; Leamington Spa Primary School; Manor High School; Market Bosworth School; Redmoor Academy; Welland Park Academy

As a new partnership in Leicestershire we have been busy planning lots of exciting activities for our students. Preparations have already begun for the launch of our near space balloon, with students working through the challenges of re-programming a camera to take images at high altitude. Events planned for the coming months include: a visit to the Loughborough University Physics Department for students to get a taste of university lectures and facilities; a ‘physics of sport’ show hosted by Redmoor Academy with the aim of converting disengaged students to physics; and finally, a teambuilding visit to the National Space Centre for Year 7 students to work together to achieve a physics themed mission. We are all looking forward to getting involved in these exciting events with the support of The Ogden Trust.