London - East

Year of Formation:2016
Hub:Seven Kings High School, Ilford
Co-ordinator:Dr Justin Palfreyman

Partnership schools:Eastbury Community School; Leyton Sixth Form College; Plashet School; Walthamstow Academy; Wanstead High School; Westminster School

The London East Partnership is built around seven core schools who each organise and host the partner schools at their ‘big event’. Plans for these events include: delivering a bespoke lecture series; inviting high profile speakers and university lecturers to deliver after-school talks; half-day and full-day activities, such as hosting the Big Bang Fair and exploring big themes such as space and projectiles where we’ll be launching rockets, flinging boomerangs, flying drones and more...

We’ll also be running joint trips, such as to Physics@Work in Cambridge and the National Space Centre in Leicester. The schools will also be mingling at lots of local events, as we’ll be visiting the London universities, Institute of Physics, Royal Society and Greenwich Observatory to hear lecturers share and discuss their research. The schools will be competing against each other, and schools nationally by taking part in events like the BPhO Olympiads and GCSE challenge, the Weizmann Institute Safe Cracking competition, the UK Rocketry competition and the IET Faraday Challenge for Year 8 students. We also hope to run a joint trip to CERN this Christmas.