South Devon & Torbay Partnership

Year of Formation:2014
Hub:Kingsbridge Academy
Co-ordinator:Phil Atherton

Partnership schools:Brixham College; Ivybridge Community College; St Cuthbert Mayne School

Each school in the South Devon & Torbay Partnership has developed a collaborative event during the year; the other schools are invited to send students to attend. This means that we have a big partnership event about every half term. The aim of these collaborative events is to provide a stimulating talk/presentation followed by practical hands-on workshops for the students to take part in. This year's events included: Medical Mavericks with practical workshops demonstrating showing how physics is used in careers in medicine and sport; The Physics of Winter Storms by the Met Office; The Physics of Photography; and How the Vikings might have used polarisation to navigate. Each school in the Partnership has also developed its own in-house project designed to increase engagement in physics within the school. These projects have ranged from stimulating offsite visits, to primary liaison, to Girls into Physics groups.