Oxford Partnership

Year of Formation:2012
Hub:St Edward's School
Co-ordinator:Katherine Richard

Partnership schools:Cheney School; Cherwell School; Didcot Girls' School; Fitzharrys School; Gosford Hill School; John Mason School; Magdalen College School; Matthew Arnold School; St Birinus School

The Oxford Partnership has been busy since the very start of the academic year, kick-starting with a SPotY event for Year 10. Selected students were set the challenge of investigating the open-ended problem of how they might make their school sustainable, with an even greater challenge of summarising their ideas on merely three sheets of paper! The displays were innovative and students defended themselves admirably as their poster displays were scrutinised by physicists from the Oxford Physics Department.

Our annual Key Stage 3 Challenge Day was oversubscribed yet again, with students investigating the properties of magnetism through hands-on experiments and with the guide of local graduate students. Liquid nitrogen proved ever popular as levitating magnets soared off the table! Collaborating with Isaac Physics has been the beginning of strong relationship and we are rounding off the year with another Year 12 workshop for aspiring physics undergraduates, testing their mathematical skills through bespoke challenge board on calculus, vectors and exponentials.

The professional CPD we have developed continues to grow through twilight workshops. Our ‘Compulsory GCSE experiments’ evening was well-attended by teachers, technicians and PGCE students and provided much exchange of best practice.