Nottingham Partnership

Year of Formation:2010
Hub:Trinity Catholic School
Co-ordinator:Peter Dowsett

Partnership schools:Arnold Hill Academy; Bluecoat Academy; Chilwell Academy; Kimberley School; Nottingham Girl's High School; Nottingham High School; Oakham School

The Nottingham Partnership keeps going from strength to strength with more schools wanting to join each year. The great strength of the Nottingham Partnership is the fact that the core members all play their part and organise events. The partnership is extremely well supported by both Nottingham Trent University and Nottingham University.

The main development this year has been a trial of the Super Lab, which has been devised to encourage KS4 pupils to consider studying physics at A-level. This year, two events took place: the building of Particle Accelerators and the use of Raspberry Pi computers for control.

Primary Science Club, run after school by sixth-formers from Trinity School continues to flourish. The primary teachers bring the pupils to the school and their parents/guardians collected them from the secondary school after the event. The sixth-formers have been awarded a Silver CREST Award.