Cleeve Hill Partnership

Year of Formation:2013
Hub:Cleeve School, Cheltenham
Co-ordinator:Jenny Carruthers

Partnership schools:Cheltenham Ladies' College; Churchdown School; Pate’s Grammar School; Tewkesbury School

This year we have focused on sustainability and legacy, so have changed our activities to include cross- partnership activities like an Ogden Trust Physics Week and the establishment of an Ogden Trust Ambassadors/awards scheme. We have as always benefitted from the diversity in our membership and the commitment of the member schools to the programme. We have regularly shared good practice and our students have greatly benefitted from the resources and ideas that are discussed.

GirlsGetSET continues to be a successful programme that inspires female students to study physics and engineering, and we really appreciate the work GE aviation do in supporting and motivating these students. Jodrell Bank and the Big Bang Fair were successful trips run that inspired the partnerships most able physicists.

We are all looking forward to working with primary and secondary schools in the local area during our outreach planetarium visits which will promote physics and enrich the curriculum for students.