Ally Davies

Isaac Physics

Ogden Teacher Fellow

Ally has taught physics for more than 20 years. Throughout this time he has worked in collaborations to support teachers and technicians in many schools.

He is currently chair of the Cambridge Physics Centre – a group of teachers that arranges lectures for teachers and students of A-level physics; he co-ordinates the IOP teacher network in Cambridgeshire and he serves on the East Anglia branch of the IOP and OCR’s Science Consultative Forum.

He runs an annual teacher and technician training day – SPEED (Stimulating Physics East of England Day) each autumn, and he has developed a website – – that offers support and guidance, teaching materials and useful links for teachers and students of GCSE and A-level physics.

Since January 2015, he has been working full-time for Isaac Physics - as Hub Events Manager - organising and running student workshops and teacher CPD events across England to complement the materials available on Ally has recently been recognised as a National Expert STEM Teacher by the Science Learning Network.