Guide to University Finances

On an annual basis, The Ogden Trust updates The Undergraduate Guide to University Finances with the aim of encouraging students from low income families to attend university. The guide is useful for all students, irrespective of their chosen subject and is now updated for 2017.

The result of the research is two documents that together form The Undergraduate Guide to Student Finances.

The Undergraduate Guide to University Finances Part I (pdf) provides an overview to university funding available for English students applying to UK universities. The Overview of University Fees, Loans, Grants, Bursaries and Scholarships (excel) forms Part II of The Undergraduate Guide to University Finances and is restricted to 53 UK universities that offer astronomy or physics as a stand-alone degree course.

Our research indicates that students are rarely aware of all the possible sources of finance before they begin their university courses. For this reason, students, parents and teachers are advised to pay particular attention to this information as it can significantly affect a student’s finances during and after studying at university.


Please be aware that university funding, especially scholarships and bursaries, change rapidly. We have done our best to provide up-to-date and accurate data, but it is the student’s responsibility to double-check this information directly with the universities themselves. For this reason, the date the information was confirmed with the university has been provided on the spreadsheet, as well as links to the relevant websites from where the information has been drawn.


If you find any discrepancies with the data or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact: