2016 Schools Science Partnerships Meeting

On Wednesday 8th June, the Annual Schools Science Partnerships meeting was held in Rugby. More than 50 teachers, consultants and regional represenatives met for an afternoon of presentations, networking and discussions. Presentations and useful links from the day can be found below. 

The Resourceful Physics Teacher: Keith Gibbs

See also:

Ogden Schools Science Partnerships: Case Studies and Analysis

South Devon & Torbay - Phil Atherton

Fylde - Mhairi Mitchison

Oldham & Rochdale - Ana Soldner-Rembold

Data Analysis - Anke Friedrich


Cardboard Telescopes -

Isaac Physics -

British Physics Olympiad -

Teach Physics Internships

Introduction to the Programme - Isla Stanger 

The Programme in Action - Robert Hodge (Pudsey Grangefield School)

Chance Mead was an intern in 2015 - by the middle of June 2016 he will have QTS...