CERN Visits

A limited amount of funding is available to schools in Ogden Schools Science Partnerships to assist with the costs of trips to CERN for their physics students. Priority will be given to multi-school trips within partnerships although individual partnership schools may also apply.

This funding is ONLY available to schools in recognised Ogden Schools Science Partnerships*.

The funding for these trips will be reviewed in the autumn. In the meantime, you may make an application up to the closing date of Friday 16th June 2017 for trips you are planning between now and Easter 2018.  Please read the guidelines before applying. Applications cannot be made after this date. Please do not apply for restrospective funding.

If you wish to apply, please complete the online application form.

Awards will be made and schools informed within two weeks of these deadlines.

* Limited funding is available for former partnership schools (see guidelines)

Handy hints and tips from teachers who have taken a school trip to CERN, and from Isla Stanger who has taken alumni trips to CERN, are also available.