Students Seeking Scholarships

The application period for 2017 is now closed.

Applications for means-tested Undergraduate Science Scholarships are accepted from the following categories of candidate; membership of one of these groups does not guarantee the award of a Scholarship as applicants must also meet our eligibility criteria:

  • Ogden Trust Sixth Form Science Scholarship holders
  • Ogden Physics prize-winners (year 10)
  • Annual Schools Physicists of the Year (A-level) sponsored by The Ogden Trust
  • Students nominated by Ogden Science Partnership schools and physics hub schools 
  • Students who have participated in the annual Ogden Physics Symposium
  • Students who have participated in an Ogden-sponsored summer or Easter vacation physics course

Once you are satisfied that you meet the necessary criteria please complete the application form and submit to the Student Registrar at The Ogden Trust. Applications for 2017 are now closed. The allocation of awards is made by mid September and you will be informed of your success, or otherwise, soon after that.