Marianne Quinsee

Little Bowden School, Market Harborough
Ogden Teacher Fellow

Marianne is a primary school teacher with an enthusiasm for all things connected with science and maths. She has been subject leader for the last year and is currently undertaking an extended CPD course at the STEM centre in York to support school-based activities. The school works collaboratively with a number of local schools both primary and secondary to enhance the learning opportunities for the children. They run regular STEM days, science clubs, and enrichment trips and have developed their Space science teaching over the past few years.

As a new Teacher Fellow, Marianne hope to develop the school's work within their local partnership and lead activities across a number of schools including CPD for staff and workshops for children. Her aim is to enthuse and excite children in science and promote the practical, hands-on experiences that shape the way they think about the subject and approach it in their future lives.