Worcestershire North Primary Partnership

Year of Formation:2016
Hub:Coppice Primary School, Wythall
Co-ordinator:Jo Tomkinson

Partnership schools:Belbroughton School; Peterbrook Primary School; St Andrew’s Primary School; Stourport Primary School; Tidbury Green Primary School; Woodrush High School

This year, we have taken part in the forces and light & sound CPD and our children attended a ‘meet an astronaut’ event where our pupils got to ask questions to the astronaut Michael Foale. The schools all reward their super scientists and we took part in the Year 6 Scientist of the Year award last Summer. We have lots of exciting events coming up soon such as our first science fair and a science show and some of us are taking our super scientists to the clocks and gears event at the University of Birmingham. We share good practice and current initiatives in science; we also work with local secondary schools who deliver science clubs and allow our primary children to use their secondary science labs.