Highgate & Muswell Hill Primary Partnership

Year of Formation:2016
Hub:Alexandra Park School
Co-ordinator:Henry Hammond

Partnership schools:Blanche Nevile Primary School; Coldfall Primary School; Eden Primary; Highgate Primary; Hollickwood Primary; Our Lady of Muswell Catholic Primary School; Muswell Hill Primary School; Rhodes Avenue Primary School; St James’ Primary School; St Martin of Porres RC Primary School; St Michael's CofE Primary School (N6); Tetherdown Primary School

2016–17 is the first official year of this partnership; however, Alexandra Park School and the primary science leads have been working together since September 2015. As well as sixth-form-led primary science clubs and termly meetings, we have enjoyed the Forces and the Light & Sound Primary CPD sessions – with the skills and resources from these sessions being enjoyed across the partnership.

Last year, most of the schools within the partnership had the
wonderful ‘living egg’ project run for two weeks – this
involves 10 unhatched eggs arriving on a Monday morning
complete with incubator and all the other equipment
needed to look after new-born chicks, the chicks take a few
days to hatch and are then the highlight of school life for
the rest of the two-week project. As well as getting time-lapse footage of the hatching, students were able to measure and weigh the chicks to find average growth rates and to compare boy and girl chicks. In the summer term, a number of schools visit APS for our Year 5 physics masterclass.

This year we have expanded the sixth-form-led primary science clubs and are training up science technicians and science ‘newshounds’ across the partnership and plan to run a bigger and better Year 6 primary science fair in the summer.