Herefordshire North Primary Partnership

Year of Formation:2016
Hub:Leominster Primary School
Co-ordinator:Michele Horsburgh

Partnership schools:Bodenham St Michael's; Ivington Primary School; Kingsland Primary School; Luston Primary School; Pembridge Primary School; Shobdon Primary School; Stoke Prior Primary School; Wellington Primary School

The Herefordshire North Primary Partnership was initiated at the end of the autumn term 2016 and is just finding its feet. The first significant event to take place is the creation of a portable kit box containing everything needed to cover electricity topics at KS1 and KS2. Owing to the scattered nature and small average size of schools in Herefordshire this resource will make excellent use of Ogden support to give children the opportunity to perform in-depth practical science that would otherwise be unavailable to them. The first large event to take place was an enrichment event for G&T pupils entitled “Bubble, Waves and Weirdness”, a day of exploring the question: ‘where do the colours come from in soap bubbles?’ through discovery activities and demonstrations. Several more events are planned for the spring term: Light & Sound CPD, Family Learning Day, Science week activities and demonstrations. Local Teacher Fellow and Herefordshire & Worcestershire representative,

Dr Simon Rhodes has been supporting the partnership by visiting the partnership schools and delivering bespoke outreach in all areas of primary physics.