Essex North Primary Partnership

Year of Formation:2016
Hub:Felsted Primary School
Co-ordinator:Rachel Anderson

Partnership schools:Dunmow St Mary's Primary; Great Bardfield Primary; Great Dunmow Primary School; Great Easton Primary School; Rodings Primary School; Stebbing Primary School; Thaxted Primary School

The Essex North Primary Partnership, known locally as Dunmow Excellence in Science Partnership, is a very new Ogden Trust partnership. We are all extremely enthusiastic and each school has already begun to organise and hold events for their students and wider school community, such as a planetarium and stargazing sessions. The first big event involving all the schools in our partnership is fast approaching – Science Week 2017! Although each school is approaching this week in different ways, we are looking for ways to collaborate and, where possible, work together to provide a variety of inspiring opportunities for our students. We had hoped to be able to set up a Phiz Lab but have been unable to secure a room for this at any of our schools. However, we have plans to create a ‘mobile Phiz Lab’ that might better suit the location and proximity of the schools in our partnership. Exciting times ahead!