Abingdon Primary Partnership

Year of Formation:2016
Hub:Abingdon School
Co-ordinator:Jeremy Thomas

Partnership schools:Benson CofE Primary; Caldecott Primary; Fitzharrys School; Long Furlong Primary; St Edmund’s RC Primary; Thomas Reade Primary

The Abingdon Primary Science Partnership was formed in July 2016 and is being co-ordinated through the Abingdon Science Partnership at Abingdon School. Events held in 2016 included the Ice and Fire Christmas science show by Renee Watson of The Curiosity Box. During the spring term of 2017 teams at the five primary schools will be carrying out a science fair project, assisted by sixth form mentors from the two secondary schools and launched by Sarah Fell, Education Officer at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy. The science fair will be part of the Abingdon ATOM 2017 Science Festival. A sixth former from Abingdon School has also been running a science club at St Edmund's in preparation for his gap year at a school in Zambia. Science co-ordinators from the partner schools enjoyed the Light & Sound CPD day and have been putting the resource box to good use at their schools. In addition, a loan box of electric circuit components has been purchased and a number of KS2 electric circuits activities have been designed by the secondary partners.