Cheshire East Primary Partnership

Year of Formation:2016
Hub:Daven Primary School
Co-ordinator:Donna Perry

Partnership schools:Astbury St Mary’s CofE Primary School; Black Firs Primary School; Buglawton Primary School; Eaton Bank Academy; Havannah Primary School; Marlfields Primary School; Mossley CofE Primary School; Smallwood CofE Primary School; The Quinta Primary School; Woodcocks' Well CofE Primary School

The Cheshire East Ogden Trust primary partnership incorporates 11 local primary schools and, although only recently formed, it has already inspired a large number of primary pupils and their teachers.

Daven Primary school has just completed the development of a new Phiz Lab, one of the first in the North West, and this will soon be open to all of the partnership schools to use and enjoy. All 11 schools have completed the CPD training on Phizzi Light & Sound which was well-received and incredibly enjoyable. In the coming weeks, the partnership will be holding their first ‘Daven Science Fair,’ where partnership schools will be invited to participate in a wide range of workshops and competitions.