Oldham Primary Partnership

Year of Formation:2016
Hub:Oldham Sixth Form College
Co-ordinator:Kathryn Parkinson

Partnership schools:Broadfield Primary School; Coppice Primary School; Hey with Zion Primary School; Littlemoore Primary School; Medlock Valley Community School; Mills Hill Primary School; Roundthorn Primary Academy; Thorpe Primary School

The hub school for the Oldham Primary Partnership has a specialist primary teacher and science lab on-site at the sixth form. We work with local primary schools to put on science lessons and train local primary teachers in science teaching. Many of our new schools in the partnership are interested in promoting science but have little knowledge or confidence in teaching it. We will be using the partnership funds to continue to support science teaching and potentially, to bring pupils to Oldham Sixth Form for regular science lessons. The partnership would like to start a scientist of the year competition with a flash bang type show and prize ceremony towards the end of the year.