Lancashire East Primary Partnership

Year of Formation:2016
Hub:Gisburn Primary School
Co-ordinator:Catherine Grimshaw

Partnership schools:Barnoldswick Primary School; Igthenhill Primary School; Lower House Junior School; St Thomas CofE Primary School; Whittlefield Primary School

The Lancashire East Partnership continues to focus on developing and supporting primary teachers in their delivery of physics. Following on from the well-received Phizzi Forces training, all six schools have since received the Phizzi Light & Sound training and are putting the resources to good use. The partnership will soon be opening a new Phiz lab, one of the first in the North West; this has inspired staff and their pupils who can't wait to use the facility at Igthenhill Primary School. Following on from the competition to design badges for a partnership plaque the schools are preparing to take part in an Ogden Physics Olympics competition at Barnoldswick CofE Primary School in February 2017.