Nottingham Primary Partnership

Year of Formation:2016
Hub:Trinity Catholic School
Co-ordinator:Pete Dowsett

Partnership schools:Blue Bell Hill Primary School; Brooklewood Primary School; Dovecote Primary School; St Mary's Catholic Primary School; Hyson Green; Our Lady’s Primary School

The Nottingham Partnership is in its second year and completed the Light & Sound CPD early in September. We are presently working together to develop strategies for the assessment and recording of primary science; partnership schools will be attending an inset day on the subject delivered by Ogden Teacher Fellow Amanda Poole (Shrubland St Primary, Leamington Spa).

The first event held this year was organised over two days and based on the ideas from Jim McDaid and his Titanic work. Our event focused on Pulleys & Propellers. Four sessions were held over the two days with 60 pupils attending each session (240 pupils in total). The next event is a “Tell and Show” evening being held at Blue Bell Hill school based on the Ogden Phizzi Forces box.

The final event will be for 200 students, with each school in the partnership bringing 30 pupils to our Olympic Challenges. Held in July, this will involve the pupils working in teams of three, to solve three separate problems, awards will be given to the pupils who produce the best solutions as well as the overall Olympic Champion team.