Birmingham East Primary Partnership

Year of Formation:2014
Hub:TImberley Academy
Co-ordinator:Ian Griffiths

Partnership schools:Colebourne Primary School; Gossey Lane Academy; Hillstone Primary; Our Lady’s RC Primary; The Oval School; Shirestone Academy

Our events in the past 12 months have consisted of: Developing Early Years and KS1 science learning through Dr Mark’s roadshow (Forces & Motion); G&T pupils visiting particle physics workshops at Aston University to inspire the more able in science; an inter-school Science Fayre with a finale at a secondary school; an inter-school rocket competition; Family Learning events (astronaut training) for children and their parents/carers with Dr Jenny Watson; development of science clubs; staff CPD on light & sound with a resources box to use back in school with pupils and with which to train other staff; PSQM work for those schools not yet with an award; and the purchase of primary Science Trails which will take Science learning outdoors in future. We have also undertaken five meetings for planning and there is a regular flow of communication and a newsletter.