NE Worcestershire Primary Partnership

Year of Formation:2013
Hub:Holywell Primary & Nursery School
Co-ordinator:Janet Davies

Partnership schools:Beaconside Primary & Nursery; Lickey Hills Primary School; Waseley Hills High School

The NE Worcestershire Partnership has collaborated on a number of projects this year, including: a Science Made Simple show for Years 5/6 held at Holywell; a 12-week, Year 3/4 sixth form led science club held at Waseley Hills High School; and a Space Camp at Holywell. A Scientist of the Week scheme has been embedded within all of the partnership schools. Teacher CPD has been delivered during the past year by Dr Jenny Watson.

We have a Think Tank Roadshow for Year 2 students already planned for this year (Lickey Hills) and another Space Camp will be held at link school, Kings Norton Primary. A KS2 Science Week event will be held at Holywell to coincide with National Science Week, and there will be Family Learning Nights and/or a visit by a planetarium roadshow at each school.