Primary CPD

As part of our primary science programme the Ogden Primary Science Team run CPD programmes to upskill primary teachers. 

These CPD days are designed:

  • to give primary teachers confidence in tackling practical science work 
  • to improve subject knowledge and 
  • to improve the ability to identify and tackle possible student misconceptions

Teachers can collect ideas and resources that can be used immediately in the classroom to improve both teacher and student engagement in the physical processes. Each school attending receives a box of resources worth £250.

These include everything a teacher needs to carry out ten complete investigations, a comprehensive set of lesson plans and teaching notes to accompany these investigations. 

We have a team of trained primary CPD providers who run sessions across the UK. For information about who is eligible to attend, what sessions are currently available and where, please contact our National CPD Lead, Jackie Flaherty.

We also have a selection of resources available online. Use the filter to search for KS1 and KS2 primary resources.