Timberley Academy


Ian Griffiths
Sciene Co-ordinator 

The Phiz Lab has created a buzz for science around the school which has been fantastic. Science has always had an important role in school life at Timberley, where we hold annual science fairs, school trips with a science theme and we even have our own farm.  When we were approached to have our own Phiz Lab, we were so excited!  The children love being immersed in their learning when they visit the Phiz Lab and the science team love their roles and responsibilities that come with it too. Overall, the effect it has had on the teaching and learning in science has been outstanding.....everyone should get one!

We achieved silver status in PSQM 2015, we felt that we were just missing a few areas to get gold.  We are extremely confident that that we will achieve gold when we re-apply next year.