Internship Diaries 2015

Please find below a selection of summer internship diaries from 2015. Archived diaries from 2014 are also available. Remember, all applications are made through the alumni website.


Computacenter (Manchester) Bhavin Patel

Sainsbury's Digital and Technology Jasmine Chung

Sainsbury's Online   Rishi Mouland

Science Museum Helen Chamberlain

SHINE Trust Afrida Alam

Spencer Ogden Kate Marles

The Conversation  Joshua Renken


University of Bristol (detector optimisation using ray tracing) Benedict Westhenry

University of Cambridge (thermal expansivity of 3D-printed resin components) Sean Telford

Daresbury Lab  James Laurenson

Durham University (high redshift quasars) Steve Armstrong

Durham University (optical diffraction knots) Liam Barber

Durham University (cooling atoms using a surface-pattern chip) Ben Clowes

Durham University (parellelization of algorithms using OpenCL) Samuel Humphriss

Durham University (computational evolution of protein physics) Luke Korley

Durham University (DRAGON AO bench light sources) Adam Langeveld

Facility Mechanical & Vacuum Engineering Group Goronwy Tawy

University of Manchester and Jodrell Bank Kevin Jones

University of Portsmouth (internal motion of galaxies) Taniya Parikh

University of Portsmouth (galaxy evolution in Galaxy Zoo)Alex Todd

University of Portsmouth (testing inflation in early Universe) Robert Vallance

University of Southampton (auroral structures and kinetics) James Cummings

University of Southampton (undergraduate teaching laboratory experiment) Abidul Hoque

University of Southampton (solar wind discontinuities) Richard Smith

VisionMetric Ltd  Angus Laurenson


UCLAN  Jasmin Evans