Internship Programme

Each summer a number of 6-8 week paid internships are available to Ogden alumni in academic research and in the commercial and voluntary sectors. These placements provide valuable experience and insight into possible careers or study avenues. Some of our research interns have been cited on published academic papers for their contribution and the work of some of our commercial interns has been used to shape business practices beyond the period of their placement.

Andrew Briscoe, a fourth year undergraduate at the University of Liverpool completed his internship at Daresbury Laboratory.

“During the internship I faced many challenges which required me to act independently and think of creative solutions for unconventional problems. It was an awesome experience and I am hugely grateful to The Ogden Trust for providing me the opportunity to work at such a prestigious and world-leading establishment. The placement has reaffirmed my ambition to pursue a career in physics.” 

In 2016, internships were available at locations including: Durham University, the Universities of Bristol, Birmingham, Portsmouth, Southampton, Cambridge and Oxford, The Science Museum, STFC Daresbury Lab and FMVE, Sainsbury’s, Spencer Ogden, Computacenter,  VisionMetric Ltd and The Conversation. There is also the option to create your own internship. In 2016, create your internships were funded at locations including: the Universities of Lancaster, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, York and QMUL.

Interns are required to submit a reflective dairy of their experience and, if appropriate, examples of their work to The Ogden Trust on completion of their internship. 

Want to know more about the internships? Read the diaries from our 2016 interns.

Florence Roberts completed an 8-week internship at the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation at the University of Portsmouth.

"I have really, really enjoyed working at the ICG this summer. This internship has boosted my confidence, my coding, my scientific writing, and my presenting skills...If any one is unsure about applying for an internship, I would tell them not to be and go for it! It has been a great experience and has opened my eyes to what the world of research is like. Thank you to the Ogden Trust and the ICG for making this happen!" 

Berke Ricketti was one of three ‘outstanding interns’ recognised in 2016 for their attitude and contribution. He completed his placement at the Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford. 

“I definitely want to do research in the future. These six weeks were simultaneously the most productive of my life, while definitely having the most influence on my future career choice.”

Berke is pictured left, receiving his award from Dr Jonathan Leach, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Photonics & Quantum Sciences, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh - you can read Berke's internship diary here

Applications are NOW CLOSED for the 2017 Internship Programme.

All applications are made via the alumni database. All internships are subject to suitability and competitive award. Keep your alumni record up to date and you will receive email notification when the application process opens.