Alumni Association

"I hope that the Ogden scholars will see the benefit of giving something back and doing good in society. I believe that they do understand that the opportunity to give back is a good thing and I hope that they all have that opportunity."
Sir Peter Ogden

Most people join the Ogden 'family' by means of one of our two scholarship programmes - the Sixth Form Science Scholarship Scheme and the Undergraduate Science Scholarship Scheme. Once you become a scholar, you automatically become a member of the Ogden Trust Alumni Association and its numbers are swelled by people who have been granted other types of Ogden award - regional Schools Physicist of the Year, Teach Physics interns and PGCE Scholarship award winners, to name a few.

Membership of the Alumni Association is for life; we want to support our scholars not only during the period of their scholarship but also into their further education and careers. We want our alumni to benefit from opportunities to develop their skills, to make informed choices about their future, to receive support from professionals who are really interested in helping them and to meet like-minded people.

By offering these services, we hope to nurture Sir Peter's vision of encouraging young people to be good citizens and to give something back when they are in a position to do so.

You can keep up-to-date with what the Alumni Association offers here or via our social media groups.

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