Terrific Scientific

Five brand new BBC Terrific Scientific Investigations are available for 2017/18. Terrific Scientific is a bold and ambitious campaign from the BBC to inspire 9-11-year-old pupils to engage with science through exciting, innovative and accessible mass-participation investigations. The Ogden Trust is one of the ‘champions’ for the initiative.

Through partnership with leading universities, scientific societies and education charities, pupils will take part in real nationwide research projects, giving them a sense of the relevance of science to their world. The aim is to inspire a passion for science among a whole generation of pupils across the UK.

You can take part in the BBC’s Terrific Scientific campaign this year and inspire your pupils to become the next generation of scientists! Join over 5,000 schools in the investigations.

Want to get involved? Register here: – it’s easy and only takes a few minutes.

2017/18 timetable:

  • EXERCISE (The Human Body) Aug-Oct 2017: How does exercise affect the brain?
  • FEET (Evolution & Inheritance): Nov-Dec 2017: How does foot flexibility vary based on environment?
  • POWER (Electricity): Jan-Feb 2018: How much power does your school consume?
  • GROW (Living Things): Mar-Apr 2018: What are the perfect growing conditions for spring onions?
  • QUESTION (Scientific Enquiry): May-Jul 2019: Revisit an earlier investigation in order to explore pupil’s questions.



Photos: Copyright the BBC.