Science Talk

Earlier this month, 20 delegates from 16 schools from across south Warwickshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire came to the STaR Centre at Chipping Campden for the launch of the first Ogden Early Years Training programme, Science Talk.


Science Talk is an easy to use teaching resource for primary science, which includes 39 activity cards with a step-by-step activity guide and a list of resources, key questions and relevant Early Learning Goals. A teacher support pack includes an overview to key concepts, measuring impact and a risk assessment sheet. The ‘Science Talk’ cards have been designed to support pupils develop confidence and curiosity, alongside practical applications for monitoring impact and progression.


Delegates at the inaugural training session took part in a practical workshop to explore the new resource kit, alongside some theoretical input on children's questioning.

"Realising EYFS are capable of talking about science and asking questions if they have practice and modelling, the resource cards are fab, thanks!"

"The presenter talked from direct and current teaching experience, thank you."

"The Science Talk cards are incredible!" 

Ogden Teacher Fellow Kirstin Greygoose developed the programme following her experiences teaching reception science.  “I am delighted with all of the positive feedback, there was a real buzz throughout the day and such a valuable opportunity to share good practice from a range of teaching experience.”

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