Terrific Scientific

The Ogden Trust is one of five ‘champions’ for the new BBC science initiative, Terrific Scientific.

Terrific Scientific is a bold and ambitious new campaign from the BBC to inspire 9-11-year-old pupils to engage with science through exciting, innovative and accessible mass-participation investigations.

Through partnership with leading universities, scientific societies and education charities, pupils will take part in real nationwide research projects, giving them a sense of the relevance of science to their world. The aim is to inspire a passion for science among a whole generation of pupils across the UK.

Currently, fewer than 15% of 10-14 year olds aspire to pursue a career as a scientist, leaving the UK with a potential skills shortage.

Terrific Scientific has been created to empower teachers to deliver engaging and inspiring science lessons and the campaign is aiming to reach around a million pupils and 30,000 teachers.

In this first phase, running from January to July 2017, classes will take part in five investigations, which will cover topics from the science curricula in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. As well as guiding teachers and pupils step by step through investigations, the Terrific Scientific website will be packed with lesson plans and ideas. 

“The Ogden Primary team is excited to be working with the BBC on their ‘Terrific Scientific’ initiative,” enthuses Wendy Cox, Primary Science Lead for the Trust. “Through our network of Ogden Primary Partnerships, we have promoted the campaign and will continue to do so in the New Year. It is a very cooperative approach, not only are we actively promoting the campaign, but we are offering our ongoing support by providing ideas for the physics investigations. Watching great science TV shows, being involved in live lessons and taking part in mass participation is a fantastic idea!”

For more information visit the Terrific Scientific website or read this useful guide to the initiative.