The Noël Prize!

Students from Truro School, part of the Cornwall Partnership, have been celebrating their first Noël Prize Awards!

Launched in September by Mr James Chew, a physics teacher at Truro School, the Noël Prize competition asked students to explain or demonstrate any aspect of physics using an essay, short film, model, artwork or any other medium (provided it could be handed in).

The entries were judged on creativity as well as academic merit, and in the end three prizes were awarded to an entry from Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9.

The Year 7 winner produced a fabulous video entitled 'The Magic of Water' in which he presented several experiments with water at home.

The Year 8 winners (students could enter in groups of up to three) produced a design and prototype for a robot, whilst the Year 9 winner made an animated video on thermodynamics and the Heat Death of the Universe.

Other entries included essays and a model of the Solar System.

“I thought the competition would be a good way of extending and challenging our younger students outside of lessons,” explains James. “Although we didn’t have a huge number of entrants for this year we were delighted with the standard, creativity and effort. The winning entries have been on show in school and have already generated interest for next year, including from older students who hope the competition will expand to include a category for them too!”