Exploring galaxies far, far away...

Last week, Year 9 pupils from the Ogden Leeds & Harrogate Science Partnership attended a physics masterclass at The Grammar School Leeds (GSAL) with Mr Conor Davies – Lead Educator for the National Space Academy and Head of Physics at partnership school Ashville College.  

The highly interactive session took students on a virtual journey as they explored galaxies far, far away!

The masterclass introduced 40 Year 9 students from Fulneck School, Cardinal Heenan School and GSAL to aspects and applications of physics which are not usually covered in the school curriculum. Mr Davies shared insight and enthusiasm about space research, giving pupils the opportunity to explore the subject for themselves, individually and in small groups.

“These Masterclasses are designed to encourage, inspire and engage young people in the art and practice of physics,” explains Mr Davies. “Students learnt about the true size and scale of the Solar System with an interactive model using conkers and cherry tomatoes (!), calculated the size of the solar panels needed on the Hubble Telescope based on an investigation in the classroom, saw a ‘comet’ being made from the ingredients discovered in the tails of comets and discussed the possibility and probability of life existing out there in the Universe – all before lunchtime!”