Physics Busking

The Cornwall Partnership recently ran two 'Physics Busking' training sessions for students, to give them the confidence and skills to take physics to their peers and the public. Physics Busking is the performance of simple experiments using everyday materials to demonstrate different areas of science in an entertaining way.

Two sessions were organised by and hosted at Truro School and delivered by the Ogden Trust's South West Regional Representative, Dr Alison Rivett, for around 60 Year 10, 12 & 13 students from Humphry Davy, Falmouth and Truro schools.  

Many of the students involved were STEM Ambassadors in their schools and were keen to get more ideas for presenting fun science. They were introduced to a variety of easy demonstrations, such as how to Kebab a Balloon, Listen to a Coathanger and Make a Straw Oboe.  

The participants enthusiastically took the opportunity to get some practice at doing the different experiments – developing their presentation skills and perfecting their explanations of the tricks – as well as getting to know students from other schools as they worked together. 

The Deputy Head at Truro School and Partnership Co-ordinator Nick Fisher said afterwards "Thank you for the excellent busking events which you ran for us. The students enjoyed an entertaining and creative educational experience. In the run-up to Christmas, I intend to take a group of our Sixth Form students into the other partner schools to help further the physics evangelism!"

Falmouth and Humphry Davy were both keen to use the ideas to put on follow-up events in their own schools and Truro School are also planning to take Physics onto the streets of Truro and Falmouth in December. Look out for them!