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"I love physics because it is the most fundamental science of all. It's the guidebook to our universe and without it we'd be lost."

Rachel Thompson, former Ogden undergraduate scholar & alumni CERN trip 2010

"Pursuing an understanding of the laws of physics not only allows us to explain the world around us, but also to change the world around us."

Simon Hunter, former undergraduate scholar & Ogden Bloggie 2013

"Physics enables me to understand the principles of gliding and flying. In 1903 physics provided the Wright brothers with a way of explaining and interpreting the forces required to achieve powered, controlled and heavier-than-air human flight."

Soaring Steph, Bloggie 2013 and former Ogden scholar

Welcome to The Ogden Trust

We're an organisation that loves physics and wants to help others who do too. We do this by providing individual scholarships to talented sixth formers and undergraduates and by enabling innovative physics teaching to take place. We also try to address the shortage of physics teachers in the UK by funding programmes that encourage young graduates and career changers to go into teaching.

If you are already supported by The Ogden Trust or are interested in finding out more about how to become involved, you should find everything you need on this site.